Brenda Allenbaugh, Human Resources Manager

Brenda Allenbaugh – Employee Appreciation

This is Brenda Allenbaugh, Human Resources Manager. Employees were asked what they appreciate about Brenda. This is what they said:

“Brenda has been instrumental in our growth at MT Studio and Level MB. Her professionalism and business expertise has come in handy on so many levels as we experienced growth over the years. She is truly a wonderful person and has filled many roles at various times to benefit the team. I appreciate her willingness to help in any way for the betterment of the company.”

“What I appreciate about Brenda is her unwavering core values. Brenda always remains consistent and professional while supporting and guiding the team. Brenda has mastered mentoring and her experience is clear. Everyone enjoys Brenda’s great sense of humor, and she is always smiling.”

“I appreciate Brenda’s knowledge, her experience, and her ability to share and assist teammates without hesitation. She works hard, and many times behind the scenes, to keep the machine running smoothly. She is such a valued team member and a huge part of the success of both Level MB and MT Studio!”

“Brenda is genuinely a wonderful person. Her smile lights up a room and her ability to assist someone in the company, whether it be personally or professionally is second to none. She has been a staple and testament as to her contributions on growing and maintaining our staff and the company alike. It has been a pleasure to get to know her over the years.”

“Brenda always shows up with a smile on her face and is willing to roll up her sleeves to help get the job done.
She has a great attitude coupled with a wealth of knowledge in big business, human resources and information technology. She does a great job leveraging that knowledge and applying it to a small business approach. We love having her on our team and has been instrumental to our growth!”

“Brenda’s loyalty and commitment to Level MB and MT Studio is unprecedented. She cares so much about the people and the success of the business, and it shows up each day in her work and in the pleasant attitude she brings with her. She is a joy to work with. We are lucky to have her!”