Level MB Troy Ohio Community Involvement

Community Outreach

At Level MB Construction, Community Outreach looks less like a “program” and more like a mindset. We call this mindset, “Mindfulness” not in the health and wellness sense but from the perspective of being intentional about being a positive force in the communities in which we live and work.

This vision for being mindful to give back has been demonstrated from the top-down at Level MB. Mike Twiss, owner, was so inspired by the local history artifacts and information shared by Mr. Shane Carter, Executive Director of the Lincoln Community Center, that he felt compelled to support Mr. Carter’s vision for a permanent museum-quality display at the LCC. That display can now be viewed in the main hallway of the Lincoln Center. Mr. Twiss also felt led this past December to visit The Rec, a local community center and after school hangout for youth in Troy. Ms. Kelly Snyder, Executive Director, told Mike that the amount he offered to give and the programming that it would cover was exactly what they were short when their board had met the day before. Mike was also a founding member of Troy Community Works, a non-profit dedicated to sustainable community development in Troy as well as Troy Reinvestment Fund, a non-profit which provides gap financing for local projects.

Here are several examples of how Mindfulness has worked itself into the Level MB culture:

  1. Mindfulness Meetings- employees can mention events that they would like to see our business support such as The Ronald McDonald House, Canstruction (Food Bank), Community Blood Drive and most recently, Victory Project, a mentoring program for young men in Dayton. Level MB supports these organizations both financially and through volunteering. We have also encouraged employees to sign up for The Lunch Buddies Program which is a mentoring program for students in Troy City Schools.
  2. Superintendent’s Discretionary Fund- each superintendent has been given the authority to spend up to $500 to meet needs that they see on their jobsites both in the community and within their team. For example, one superintendent rented equipment for an elderly neighbor who needed yard work done. Another superintendent bought grocery gift cards for an employee whose family was in a car accident.
  3. Each employee is given a PTO day each year to volunteer at a charity of their choice.
  4. We have committed as a business to giving away 1% of our sales each year. This allows Level MB to give to fantastic organizations such as The Future Begins Today, Brukner Nature Center, The Arbogast Performing Arts Center, Partners in Hope, Lifewise Newton and many, many more.
  5. We encourage our employees to invest in today’s youth through apprenticeships, internships, and job shadowing opportunities. Level MB also sponsors scholarships at local high schools for students intending to further their education at the college level in the areas of construction and design.

Lastly, in February of 2022, Level MB was presented with the Troy Chamber of Commerce President’s Award. According to Mr. Joseph Graves, President of the Troy Chamber, The President’s Award is intended to recognize a business or individual for “making a true impact to our community and region.” He went on to say, “The winner of this year’s President’s Impact Award is a company who I would categorize as transformative. The company is a small company, but their reach is quite wide. The company president has surrounded himself with capable, skillful, caring, and creative employees — the sign of good leadership, in my opinion. The winner encourages their employees to be involved in our community. The winning company participates in numerous organizations in our community and beyond; Partners in Hope, the Future Begins Today, Troy Rec, Troy Community Works, among others.” We are proud that Level MB’s habit of being intentional to give has become both a part of our company culture and our reputation in our community.