Meredith Lutz, Business Manager

Meredith Lutz – Employee Appreciation

This is Meredith Lutz, Business Manager. Meredith began working for Level MB and MT Studio in 2017. Here is what other employees had to say about Meredith:

“Meredith is extremely conscientious and her follow-thru is second to none. She is organized and keeps up with everything that is put into her court. Her dependability is exceptional and she is a major reason for the success that we have had.”

“Meredith is fun….but means business! Like, in a good way 😊 She is extremely hard working and always puts the team first. She’ll roll up her sleeves and jump in to help out when needed. She is a great servant-leader and a true professional. She has been the fundamental support to Level MB’s Success. Thank you Meredith for everything you do and what you mean to this awesome team!!!”

“Meredith is the glue that holds everything together at MT and MB! Her energy level and expertise is a driving force in the continued growth of both companies.”

“She will ask the tough, thought-provoking questions to push us outside of our comfort zone to give us new perspectives.”

“Meredith is a great example of our core values of community, integrity, and thrive both inside and outside the company. I truly appreciate her friendship and sincerity and know if I need someone to have my back (at work or home), she is there!”