Mike Twiss, founder of MT Studio and Level MB

Mike Twiss – Employee Appreciation

This is Mike Twiss, founder of MT Studio and Level MB. Several employees were asked what they appreciate about Mike. This is what they said:

“Mike is respectful of others and treats employees and clients with dignity and respect.”

“I appreciate that Mike makes extensive efforts to ensure his company is growing in positive ways with a good culture.”

“I appreciate Mike’s sense of humor and how he likes to have fun. He works hard but is always able to switch gears easily and do something fun or spontaneous. He really cares about creating a pleasant work environment for his employees.”

“Simply put, Mike is a good dude. He looks at design through the lens of constructability. That’s rare for an architect. I enjoy our candid discussions and the ability to challenge each other’s logic or thinking as a means to achieve the best outcome for a client. And while Mike is a pleasure to work with, what I appreciate about him is that he is an even better person. He always considers others and genuinely cares. He contributes to the community and makes folks around him better. Like I said, he’s a good dude.”

“Mike is a great leader because he shows integrity. He is the same person at work, at church or at home. This consistency creates a stable work environment in which employees can thrive.”

“I appreciate his vision and ability to take reasonable risks. He is not afraid to try new things and he always keeps looking at how we can grow or do things differently to improve and sustain the business.”

“Thanks, Mike, for all that you do to lead Level MB and MT Studio!”