Stephen Bowser, Level MB Superintendent

Stephen Bowser – Employee Appreciation

This is Stephen Bowser, Level MB Superintendent. We asked several employees what they appreciate about Stephen and this is what they said:

“What I appreciate about Stephen is his friendly attitude towards all. He makes every subcontractor feel appreciated on the jobsite which goes a long way in making the job run smoothly. He has been key in the growth of Level MB with his commitment to creating a good relationship with the owner of each project he runs. His willingness to find a solution to any problem that arises sets a good example to those around him.”

“Stephen is such a genuinely kind and humble person and naturally treats everyone around him with respect.

In addition to his many years of experience and construction knowledge he also has something we talk about in business as the intangible characteristics that make him so good at his job. On the job site he is firm and direct but also fair and spends the time to build relationships with all the subcontractors he interacts with. He has also time and time again fostered relationships with our clients and built their trust as he takes them through the entire construction process which is often for many clients a new and unfamiliar experience.

He is also always respectful of leadership and aware of expressing behaviors and attitudes that are in line with the company’s culture and mission.”

“Stephen has been a faithful employee and brings his best to the jobsite every day. His ability to develop a great rapport with employees, sub-contractors and clients is one of his greatest strengths. He always has a smile on his face and is a joy to work with. He exhibits everything we are about as a company and is a great contributor to our culture.”

“Stephen’s personality allows him to work within all levels of construction to get the job finished within time/scope/budget. He is respected by our employees, his peers, vendors, and customers alike. Stephen knows how to leverage a work-life balance to ensure his family and friends know how important they are to him. It is a pleasure working with him!”